Welcome to National Shopping Service's application for valued ‘Private Eyes Scheduling' shoppers!
We appreciate your taking the time to contact us about becoming one of our mystery shoppers. If you are a Private Eyes’ shopper interested in becoming a mystery shopper with NSS (National Shopping Service), simply complete and submit the application below. Once you receive our confirmation email and login for the first time, you will be immediately able to search for, and choose jobs, in your area.

*Should you have any questions about this Private Eyes application or NSS, please contact Britney Thompson at bthompson@nationalshoppingservice.com.
*Should you have any questions about Private Eyes Scheduling, please contact Lysa@privateeyesonline.net, or visit their website at www.privateeyesonline.net.

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Once your application is processed, you will be initially signed up as "Interested" in ALL types of assignments. If you wish to change these settings, you may do so by updating your shopper profile after activating your account.
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